These summer camp activities are incredible! Are they all included in my child’s membership?YES! There is no extra cost for these activities! 

Who works in your summer camps?We hire the BEST to work at in our Camps!  All of our summer camp and after school program coaches are OSCN background screened, they pass an reference check, they are social media screened, and they also must pass the training that shows them how to successfully host summer camp activities! 

What ages do you accept in summer camp? We accept children who are ages 5 through 13. 

Will my child be in a class with similar aged children?YES! Parents love that we group our kids together based on their grades!  This allows us to teach your child on the level that is appropriate for his/her age and your child will be able to spend the day with children his/her own age! 

Is it true that your summer camp sells out each year? Yes, that is true!  Our summer camps typically sell out around May of each year. Contact right now to save your child’s spot! Once we sell out, we will place all new families on our waiting list and contact them if a spot opens for their children.

What does my child need to bring to summer camp each day? We suggest that you pack two snacks and a bagged lunch and a bottle of water each day for your child. Your child will also want to bring summer camp appropriate clothing such as: T-shirt, shorts, and tennis shoes.

This summer camp sounds perfect for my child! How do we join? It’s easy! Our registration fee is only $50 and we have three affordable memberships that will fit your budget!

We also offer a flexible week-to-week summer camp membership that is week to week and is perfect for families who only need a few weeks of camp this summer! Contact us right now by filling out the form on the right side of this webpage, or call our team at (405) 372-5425.

We are excited to speak with you and we have a team member ready to chat right now!!!

Our Program includes FREE Transportation from our facility to the Park, Fun Sports Activities, Outdoor Activities, Life Skills Development, Tumbling, and Martial Arts Classes!

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Parents just like you absolutely LOVE our SAFE, FUN, and AFFORDABLE Summer Camps!  Your child is going to have a blast making new friends, experiencing a variety of fun indoor and outdoor sports, playing in our Kid Cave game room, and so much more!

“StillwaterKIDS Summer Camps are your solution for your kids to have an incredible summer!” 

My child is active and loves to have FUN! What is included in this Summer Camp? Your affordable membership includes an incredible amount of activities at no extra cost! Your child will be able to participate in sports, team building, and field trips! Check out the incredible list below! Hurry! Spots are going quickly, contact us right now to save your child’s spot!

Summer Camp Activities:

Karate Classes! – This fun class will teach your child how to have confidence and how to be safe around bullies and strangers! Your child will learn how to do: Punching, Kicking, Blocking, Takedowns, and Grappling! It’s awesome!

Tumbling! – Boys and girls love this class! Your child’s strength and flexibility will quickly improve in this awesome program! We teach basic tumbling skills that your child is going to enjoy!

Dodgeball! – This is a summer camp favorite! Your child’s speed and reflexes will jump to the next level as we play this fun and safe indoor/outdoor game!

Frisbee! – Your child is going to be working on their coordination and throwing skills!

Kickball! – Remember how much fun you had playing this game when you were a kid? Your child is going to have a great time playing this classic playground sport!

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